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Wheel of Life Workbook


The Wheel of Life workbook is a powerful tool you can use to better understand your current level of life satisfaction and identify areas of improvement.


It is a simple yet effective tool that can help you gain clarity and focus on your goals and aspirations. By completing the workbook, you can become more mindful of your current situation and identify areas that need to be addressed to achieve greater satisfaction and fulfilment in life.


The Wheel of Life workbook helps you prioritise your goals and create action plans for achieving them. It can help you become more intentional about the decisions you make and how you spend your time. The workbook can also help you recognise and appreciate the good things in your life and identify areas that need attention to make life more enjoyable and meaningful.


The Wheel of Life workbook is not only a great way to gain clarity, but it can also help you increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence. It can help you recognise your strengths and weaknesses and create a plan to address potential growth areas.


The workbook can also help you become more resilient and better equipped to handle life’s challenges.


The digital A4 Fillable (PDF) workbook contains the following:

  • Example Wheel of Life with pre-set categories, including instructions on how to use the wheel.
  • Examples of things to consider for each category.
  • A Blank Wheel of Life should you wish to choose your own categories.
  • Reflection questions.
  • Goals for improvement and next steps.
  • S.M.A.R.T. goal section
  • This document is watermark protected and must not be shared or used by any other person(s) and is licensed to the purchaser only for their own personal use.


How to order your workbook:

  • Click on the add to cart button.
  • Go to Checkout and make your payment.
  • Once your payment has been received we will send you a link to download your digital workbook.

Get the Wheel of Life Workbook and Start Creating Balance in Your Life!

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